his banner features a young student using a roller brush to apply green and blue paint onto a canvas.

About Us

Our Vision

To empower persons with disabilities through the arts

Our Mission

To advocate and create opportunities for persons with disabilities through the arts

Our Values

Passionate, Open, Innovative, Community

Charity Status

Charity Registration No: 01118
Charity Registration Date: 05 September 1995
UEN No: 199500567G

IPC Status

Effective Date: 01 February 2022 to 31 January 2025
No. of Beneficiaries: 800

ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd, formerly known as Very Special Arts Singapore, is a leading charity dedicated to creating learning and livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts.

Started in 1993 by Ambassador-at-Large Professor Tommy Koh, ART:DIS organises programmes, workshops, projects, collaborations, exhibitions and performances for persons with disabilities to reach for excellence and be relevant for the future.

ART:DIS establishes pathways in the arts for persons with disabilities to express themselves, gain confidence and be part of a community that is rewarding. Through the 3Es – Enable, Empower, Engage – ART:DIS aims to inspire our artists, volunteers, partners and donors to participate in a community that is dedicated to creating a more inclusive society.

This image features six of ART:DIS’s cajon students posing with their teacher and four musicians from Bloco Singapura. The students are each sitting on their instruments and cheering at the camera, while the adult musicians are all raising their drums/batons and fist-pumping into the air.
This logo of ART:DIS features the words ‘ART:DIS’ and ‘ARTS & DISABILITY SINGAPORE’ in white sans-serif typeface against a red background.

The new name is a play on the word “Artist”, demonstrating our conviction that all persons with disabilities can benefit from access to the arts.

A colon is usually used to indicate quotes from a subject in speech. We drew inspiration from the function of a colon to represent our hope for our artists to grow into courageous, expressive individuals who dare to share their unique perspectives. It also portrays the unlimited opportunities we seed by connecting the arts and disabilities sector.
The new logo exudes modernity, creativity, dynamism and confidence. When combined with a bold red background, the logo is the embodiment of our progressive, compassionate and relentless spirit to lead the disability and arts sector in Singapore.

Our Milestones

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