A Piece Of Home

09 Jun 2023 - 18 Jun 2023
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Objectifs, Chapel Gallery (155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977)

How can we encourage more to look at the world with fresh eyes, unencumbered by the norms and standards of society? Perhaps start at A Piece Of Home, a group exhibition featuring 26 young persons with disabilities (PwDs). Organised by ART:DIS and curated by award-winning exhibition-maker John Tung, the comprehensive showcase of over 60 artworks across paintings, prints & ceramics invites viewers to perceive the world differently.

“Home is a complex concept that shapes our identity and sense of belonging, and for these artists, this concept can be especially nuanced and layered. Working outside of traditional art institutions and conventions, their experiences and personal interests have shaped the artworks on display. At A Piece of Home, I encourage viewers to consider the ways in which art transcends limitations as this exhibition offers a rare moment of authenticity that is seldom encountered in the art world today,” said John in his curatorial statement. 

This exhibition is a highlight of ART:DIS’s 30th anniversary celebration and a cumulation of a year of artist-in-training programme in the Fine Arts and Ceramics faculty.  Held at Objectifs, an arts space nestled amongst many art institutions, we hope to raise the visibility of artists with disabilities, expose them to professional art spaces and invite others into their world where art is a sanctuary. Let their creations ignite your imagination and remind you of the power of finding solace in familiar spaces.


Public Art Programmes at A Piece Of Home

Curator Tour

 John Tung, the curator of the exhibition, shares intriguing insights into the processes and inspirations behind each artwork. This enriching experience, replete with personal anecdotes, is about 30 minutes.

Date & Time: 10 June (2:30PM) or 17 June (1:00pm)

Price: Free (registration required)

Touch Tour

Francis Poon, ceramics teacher at ART:DIS, guides visitors on a texturised journey using their hands. This exploration through touch is further brought to life by vivid stories of the students’ growth in class. Each tour lasts 30 minutes.

Date & Time: 18 June (1:00PM & 2:00PM)

Price: Free (registration required)

Audio Tour

Embark on a self-directed tour featuring creative commentary by the artists, paired with immersive atmospheric sounds. In partnership with Artwave Studio, discover the voice behind selected artworks.

Date & Time: Available throughout exhibition period

Price: Free (walk-in)

Panel Talk (Ceramics)

Delve into the fascinating world of ceramics through the eyes of our artists with disabilities – Zack Ling & Joycelin Toh. Facilitated by curator John Tung, along with their teacher Francis Poon, Zack & Joycelin will share their experiences from shaping and carving to glazing and firing. This panel lasts 60 minutes.

Date & Time: 17 June (2:00PM)

Price: Free (registration required)

Panel Talk (Fine Arts)

Get pulled into the imaginative minds of artists with disabilities – Kenneth Lee & Joshua Tang. Facilitated by curator John Tung, along with their teacher Bee Aye, Kenneth & Joshua will share their experiences of experimenting with different mediums and techniques to achieve their own distinctive style. This panel lasts 60 minutes.

Date & Time: 10 June (3:30PM)

Price: Free (registration required)

Cartoon Drawing Workshop

Join Aaron Yap, our cartoon enthusiast, in this fun and engaging workshop to create your very own lovable characters. From the exaggerated to the comical, experiment with different shapes using watercolour pencils. All art materials will be provided and this workshop lasts 60 minutes.

Date & Time: 10 June (1:30PM)

Price: $5 per ticket

Water Marbling Workshop

How is it that paint can float on water? In an arts and science mash-up, artist Joshua Tang will take you through the process of creating beautifully hypnotic swirls & ripples that are imprinted onto paper with simply water and paint. All art materials will be provided and this workshop lasts 60 minutes.

Date & Time: 11 June (3:00PM)

Price: $5 per ticket

Air Dry Clay Workshop

Through touch, mould your very own unique clay pots that can hold plants, jewellery, or even flowers! Taught by our artist Zack, he will further share tips on tricks to customise your designs in this fun and interactive workshop. All art materials will be provided and this workshop lasts 60 minutes.

Date & Time: 17 June (3:30PM)

Price: $5 per ticket

Jumping Clay Workshop

Together with our artist Joycelin Toh, learn how to create stunning clay roses that can be used as a fridge magnet, bag badge or an artistic table display. With techniques such as rolling and pinching, get your hands busy forming delicate petals and leaves in this 60 minutes workshop.

Date & Time: 18 June (3:00PM)

Price: $5 per ticket


Unleash your creativity in a foam printing workshop! With simple materials, create a one-of-a-kind stamp that can be applied across surfaces (i.e. paper, t-shirts, bags). Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts who enjoy letting their imagination run wild! All art materials will be provided.

Date & Time: Throughout exhibition period.

Price: Free (walk-in)

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