17 Nov 2022 - 27 Nov 2022
3:00 pm - 9:45 pm
ART:DIS @ Bukit Merah (3779 Jalan Bukit Merah, #03-02 Community Hub, Singapore 159462)

Following an intensive two-year training under ART:DIS’s BEYOND DIS:PLAY, which endeavours to expose D/deaf, neurodiverse and disabled artists to a range of performing arts skills while broadening/deepening their chosen practice through mentorships with industry professionals, the 9 mentees of the programme are proud to present their graduation performance in our Black Box! Happening across November and open to the public, these 7 productions are the culmination of their hard work and breakthroughs as they sought to elevate their artistry and voice as persons with disabilities (PWD). Friendly to all audiences, with creative narration, creative captioning, touch tours and SgSL interpretation provided, join us to experience a one-of-a-kind theatre production that prioritises the perspective and identity of a PWD on the main stage. There will be post-show dialogues for each production staging. Please access the interview responses from all mentees and mentors of BEYOND DIS:PLAY 2022 here.


Woman Flower (17 & 18 November, 8:00–9:45pm)

Witness a tapestry of monologues about women from the past and present, honoured for their endurance and resilience. Faced with tough choices and sacrifices to be made for families, comrades and countries, these women bloom and wither like flowers – cyclical and eternal. Woman Flower is a celebration of the feisty hearts and a retelling of moments where fearless female heroes fought till the end as role models for those who come after. Starring Claire Teo, with mentorship from baritone Martin Ng, some parts of this performance reference sensitive issues such as sexual assault and violence, and might be uncomfortable to some audiences. Get tickets here.


The Lunar Interviews (19 November, 8:00–9:45pm, and 20 November, 3:00–4:45pm)

To be deaf does not mean you are less. Without the distraction of noise, you live life to the fullest. You desire, you create, you nurture with all your heart. In this adaptation of The Lunar Interviews by Verena Tay, a Deaf woman contemplates the moon and reflects upon her life, coming to terms with her failures and the abuse she has faced in the past, yet rejoicing in the resilience and creativity that she has found within herself. Starring Grace Ng, with mentorship from award-winning actress Yeo Yann Yann, get tickets here.


My Life, My Story (19 November, 8:00–9:45pm, and 20 November, 3:00–4:45pm)

Jaspreet is 42 years old. She has down syndrome. Contrary to what you may think, she is confident. She speaks up for herself and her friends. She is an actor and a dancer. She is also an advocate who has spoken at the United Nations in New York. And now, she is dreaming of getting her own flat and having her own space! My Life, My Story is an intimate and intriguing account of a disabled woman who, despite her rich and meaningful life, feels she is actually nothing special and is just like everybody else. Starring Jaspreet Kaur and co-created with playwright Haresh Sharma, get tickets here.


Emily of Emerald Hill (24 & 25 November, 8:00–9:45pm)

Written by Stella Kon, Emily of Emerald Hill is a monologue about the life of Nonya Emily Gan, who became the matriarch of a wealthy household through determination and sheer strength of character. Yet, she remains entangled within blood ties and memories of triumphs and regrets. Infused with poignant songs, this adaptation is performed for the first time by a visually impaired actor who will move you and offer deep insights. Starring Wan Wai Yee, get tickets here.


Day I Met The Prince (24 & 25 November, 8:00–9:45pm)

Day I Met The Prince is a play based on the French novel “The Little Prince”, adapted by Kuo Pao Kun, a theatre doyen in Singapore with the most artistic influence. To find a solution to “How to save a rose from being eaten up by a goat?’, the Little Prince and “I” embark on an adventure where they encounter different people with different idiosyncrasies. A witty and charming play, it portrays the common pains of growing up in Singapore and encourages us to safeguard and honour our freedom of expression. Starring Timothy Lee, Ivni Yaakub and Choo Jun Wei, get tickets here.


Wheel You Love Me? (26 November, 8:00–9:15pm, and 27 November, 3:00–4:15pm)

Singer-songwriter with muscular dystrophy, Sky Shen, puts his heart into songs for his debut EP (extended play), Wheel You Love Me?. Comprising entirely of original compositions, the EP speaks of his perspectives and experiences of romantic love – a universal human experience he feels persons with disabilities often miss out on. Catch never-before-heard, special live renditions of these heartfelt songs, and watch exclusive previews of his music videos before they go live! Starring Sky Shen, with mentorship from internationally renowned Creative Director Philip Tan, get tickets here.


Lminal Space (10 September, 5:00–6:45pm and 8:00–9:45pm)

A girl stares at her cochlear implant and ponders about her past. Flashbacks of doctors, nurses, speech therapists, onlookers and strangers enter her mind… Struggling with after-effects such as tinnitus, she is assaulted by white noises, clutters and chaos. Yet gradually, she learns how to hear the sounds of birds, waves, breeze and leaves… With her figurative fingers and a newfound language, she discovers a new world of possibilities. What is her identity? Should she preserve her dignity? Should she fit into the norm? Or can she change her destiny? Starring Yuki Neoh, with mentorship from award-winning theatre maker Ramesh Meyyappan, this production was staged in September as Yuki had to embark for her undergraduate studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is currently pursuing a BA Performance in British Sign Language and English there under the National Arts Council Singapore’s Arts Scholarship.

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