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Areas We Can Work Together

Adopt us for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme

From fundraising, sponsoring, donating to organising an art auction, there are many ways to directly support our cause while building your customer loyalty and engaging your employees.

Commission us for a performing/visual arts work

Be it opening acts to kick off celebrations or highly imaginative artworks that make for unique gifts, our highly talented artists are happy to work with you to create a unique piece of work.

Leverage our expertise in the disability sector

Our staff are advocates for greater inclusivity and have delivered numerous talks on the subject. Our artists have also conducted many art-jamming workshops as part of corporate bonding.

Partner with us to deliver unique opportunities to our artists

Many persons with disabilities lose opportunities because of their specific needs. Help us remedy this by enriching their lives with one-of-kind experiences such as workshops, excursions etc.

Allies we have worked with

From large organisations to small enterprises, across different sectors such as transport, tourism, investment and culture, we have collaborated with many to support persons with disabilities. Find out more about how we work together with each ally by clicking below or visiting our Community Engagement page for information.

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