This banner showcases 8 of our Artists-In-Training and Emerging Artists, lined up in two rows. They have just finished performing a full-dress rehearsal for an upcoming play and are thus all in costume as they pose for a promotional shot.

ART:DIS Singapore provides continuous learning opportunities for persons with disabilities in the arts through two pathways – Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Within each pathway, we have a range of programmes to help our clients reach their goals (i.e. learn to focus for more than 10 minutes or earn a sustainable income). No matter how simple or complex it may be, we endeavour to support all students and artists reach their potential through the arts.

At ART:DIS, we employ a whole-of-community approach to enable, empower and engage our clients at every stage of their learning and training. With each student’s/artist’s placement pegged specifically to their ability and learning pace, this person-centred approach emphasises on the holistic development of each individual student. Eager to start your child’s creative journey with us? Then we welcome you through our enrolment process below.

Step 1: Register here

Step 2: Attend a get-to-know-you session so that we can better understand your child’s skills & interests.

Step 3: Discuss with our Programmes Team to pick a class that fits your child’s needs and schedule.

Step 4: Make payment for the first term.

Step 5: Attend classes and discover the joys of art-making.





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