Artists with disabilities make music with seniors in workshop

Aug 13, 2022

, Community Engagement

ART:DIS partnered with Tony Memmel (an award-winning singer-songwriter who was born with a limb difference) to conduct 4 sessions of inclusive music jamming workshops from 13–28 August 2022. 40 of our students and artists, together with their parents/caregivers, as well as 10 seniors from Yong-en Care Centre had the opportunity to learn from Tony.

Beaming in from Tennessee via zoom, Tony engaged participants in a series of activities that had them up on their feet making music with percussion instruments, drums and the piano. For our Professional Artists, Tony further shared his experience of navigating the industry, teaching them strategies to advocate for themselves and providing feedback on their practice.

Insightful and uplifting, these workshops added richness to the training of our students and artists, encouraging them to continue making music a part of their lives. We would like to thank the US Embassy in Singapore for this wonderful opportunity.


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