80 more advocates of inclusion following masterclass series

Mar 12, 2022

, Community Engagement

ART:DIS, together with the National Arts Council, organised a series of Masterclasses that aimed to facilitate greater diversity in Singapore’s arts ecosystem. From March to May 2022, over 80 individuals from all walks of life learnt more about accessibility and inclusion from subject-matter experts and reflected on their experiences of living in a society not built for persons with disabilities.

Across the art forms of dance, music, visual arts and theatre, participants engaged in inclusive exercises, experienced what it was like to have one of their senses inhibited and discussed barriers in society that diminishes a person’s opportunity to participate fully.

At the end of this masterclass series, many walked away with practical tools on how to collaborate with persons with disabilities and strategies to embrace differences while upholding respect. We would like to thank National Gallery Singapore and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for partnering with us on this journey towards greater inclusion.


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