This banner features a man playing on a piano.

Board of ART:DIS

Professor Tommy Koh


Mr Andrew Liew


Mr Han Hee Jan


Ms Jacqueline Chan


Mr John Lombard


Mr Eric Chua


Dr Azariah Tan


Mr Chiew Yu Sarn


Team of ART:DIS

Ms Angela Tan

Executive Director

Ms Magali Finet

Manager, Visual & Literary Arts, and Students & Centres Management

Mr Peter Sau

Head, Performing Arts and Artistic Development

Ms Mandy Soon

Manager, Finance, HR & Governance

Ms Sybil Lim

IT Projects Manager

Ms Victoria Ding

Senior Programme Executive, Visual Arts and Centre Management

Ms Nur Azeera

Programme Executive, Performing & Literary Arts

Ms Nadhia Kolandai


Ms Nurarina Awang

Assistant Manager, Programmes & Centre Lead

Ms Charlene Haridas

Senior Programme Executive, Visual Arts

Mr Kang Joo Soon

Programme Executive, Performing Arts and Centre Management

Ms Jennifer Lee

Senior Executive, Fundraising

Ms Nardha Satar

Executive, Volunteer & Programmes

Ms Yong Yean Ching

Executive, Sales & Marketing

Ms Suzanna Low

Senior Executive, Gallery, Curation & Professional Artists Management

Ms Sabrina Zhang

Executive, Marketing Communications

Faculty at ART:DIS


Visual Arts

Ms Ranae Lee-Nasir

Fine Arts (Foundation and Artist-In-Training)

Ms Tay Bee Aye

Fine Arts (Foundation and Artist-In-Training)

Mr Francis Poon

Fine Arts (Foundation) and Ceramics (Foundation and Artist-In-Training)

Ms Esther Ng

Fine Arts (Foundation) and Ceramics (Foundation)

Mr Joe Chien

Digital Arts (Foundation)

Ms Susan Ong

Fine Arts (Foundation)

Ms Doreen Chay

Fine Arts (Foundation)

Mr Billy Soh

Fine Arts (Foundation)


Performing Arts

Mr Irwan Bin Raman

Drum (Foundation), Ukulele (Foundation) and Cajon (Foundation)

Ms Carissa Soh

Creative Dance (Foundation) and Dance & Movement Therapy (Foundation)

Ms Tan Beng Tian

Puppetry Art (Foundation and Artist-In-Training)

Ms Fran Ho

Vocal Music and Choir (Foundation)

Mr Jo Kwek

Speech & Drama (Foundation)

Ms Parvinderjeet Kaur

Piano (Foundation)

Mr Juhenry Njo

Piano (Foundation)

Mr Levine Sow

Piano (Foundation)

Mr Samuel Kwan

Violin (Foundation)

Ms Elaine Khong

Angklung (Foundation) and Ukulele (Foundation)

Mr Luqman Asad

Hip Hop Dance (Foundation)

Ms Hasyimah Harith

Malay Contemporary Dance (Foundation)

RAW Moves

Dance (Artist-In-Training)

Mr Peter Sau

BEYOND DIS:PLAY (Artist-In-Training and Emerging Artist)

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