Alt-Text: This banner features five dancers moving in a circle with both their arms outstretched in front of them.
This image features two teachers conducting a ceramics class at ART:DIS. The teachers are providing guidance and physical demonstrations to four students who are all busy moulding clay into various forms.
Our Impact

According to the Third Enabling Masterplan (2017–2021) published by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, it is estimated that there are about 518,585 persons with disabilities in Singapore. This means that roughly 1 out of every 7 individuals identifies as having a physical disability, a sensory disability, an intellectual disability and/or a developmental disability.

Alongside SG Enable, ARTDIS (Singapore) Ltd is one of the few charities in Singapore that serves all persons with disabilities. The only difference? We do so through the medium of the arts because we believe in its power to heal spirits, open minds and connect hearts.

  • Numerous studies have shown that the visual and performing arts help:
  • Develop control and coordination in fine and gross motor skills, as well as a spatial awareness of surroundings.
  • Strengthen communication and comprehension skills such as observing, listening, writing and speaking.
  • Nurture creative expression and broaden one’s worldview.
  • Improve memory and concentration, as well as manage emotions and behaviours.

At ART:DIS, we go one step further beyond just mere art discovery. We support our students to become artists by providing them with a structured pathway to upskill towards professionalism, enabling and empowering them to:

  • Apply discipline, structure and passion to their daily lives.
  • Have a voice and understand that they have every right to occupy space in society.
  • Gain self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Be financially independent.
Here is our impact in 2020/2021


420 students and artists with disabilities


Over 240 classes and organised more than 25 exhibitions, performances and projects


Upwards of $85,000 of income for our artists with disabilities

17 of our students sang ‘Circle of Life’ from The Lion King (1994) to 3,450 adoring live audiences at Purple Parade 2020. The song’s message of finding one’s place in the world and persevering through life’s troubles struck a chord with many and was a soothing balm during the tumultuous COVID-19 period.

6 of our artists were commissioned by Singapore Writer’s Festival 2020 to create a multi-disciplinary body of work. Through the visual, performing and literary arts, our artists showcased a range of different interpretations of the anchor poem Perspectives (Even in a Bad Situation).

For more stories about our activities, access our Annual Report 20/21 here.

Contribute To Our Cause

We have been advocating and creating opportunities for persons with disabilities for 29 years. This is only possible with your support! The difference you help us make in the lives of our students and artists is directly felt by them and their caregivers. Help us continue making an impact in their lives through the following ways:

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